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Angela Jones is an outdoor adventurer, wild swim specialist and kayaking guide with a deep passion for the natural world. She can take you on an adventure: maybe it’ll be taking a dip when the water is iced over, kayaking by the light of the harvest moon, introducing you to what’s below waters surface, or off to discover some watery caves in the Brecon Beacons. With a hot chocolate & cheese on toast at the ready for when it gets chilly, she finds adventure wherever she goes. She can teach you how to handle the raw exposure of cold water safely and teach you to”read” the river before you head off to brave the waters beyond. With the Rivers Wye and Usk and mountain lakes nearby, we are well placed for wild water here, and Angela knows all the perfect, hidden away spots for taking a dip.

They call her the swimming detective, as she has an intimate understanding and knowledge of the flora and fauna of the Wye,  recording and observing all the changes to the river environment. She plays a significant role in safeguarding the river’s future and highlighting the decline in species and habitat loss.

You can join her for the group sessions listed below or she can do family or individual lessons to suit your individual needs. From October we shall be starting sessions here on our own lake. Booking well in advance is important to guarantee a session. Angela can provide all the necessary equipment required, ever mindful of her environment her kayaks are made with recycled plastic bottles and she is a stickler for not cross contaminating water sources, so provides wetsuits and equipment .


All calendar events are £40 per person, one on one or family bookings are priced individually.

All night swims and wild swimming sessions are for those over 16 unless booked with their own group or family which costs £40 per adult & £30 per child, minimum of two, maximum eight.

All equipment is provided, £5 per wetsuit.

Hot drinks and cake are provided at all group sessions.

Upcoming Events

June 6th, 9.30-5pm Double dip. 3km & 5km
June 12th, 10 -11.30am Intro to wild swimming
Symonds Yat
June 19th, 2pm 2km Wye swim
July 3rd, 9.30am 7km Wye swim
July 31st, 10 -11.30am Introduction to wild swimming
Symonds Yat
July 31st, 2pm 2km Wye swim
Symonds Yat
Aug 7th 7km Wye swim
Below Yat Rock
Sept 23rd Brecon Safari day
Oct 15th, 7- 8.30 pm Night Swim & hot drink & cake Old Lands Lake
Oct 22nd Brecon safari day Brecon
Oct 23rd, 10-11.30am Intro to ice swimming
Old Lands Lake
Oct 29th, 7pm -8.30pm Night Swim
Old Lands Lake
Oct 30th, 10-11.30am Intro to cold water swimming
Old Lands Lake
Nov 5th, 6-7.30pm A bonfire & dip & Cake
Old Lands Lake
Nov 20th, 10-11.30am Intro to ice swimming
Nov 27th, 10-12pm Cold water swim workshop
Old Lands Lake
Dec 10th, 6pm Night swim
Symonds Yat
Dec 11th, 10am-12 Cold water swim workshop
Old Lands Lake
Dec 17th, 12am Charity Swim
Jan 8th, 10-11.30am Intro to ice swimming
Old Lands Lake
Jan 14th, 6pm-7.30 Intro to night swimming
Old Lands Lake
Jan 29th, 10- 11.30am Intro to ice swimming
Old Lands Lake
Feb 14th, 10 -11.30am Wild swim & love nature
Old Lands Lake
Feb 25th, 6pm Intro to night swimming
Old Lands Lake