Courses at Old Lands

Whether a novice or an experienced gardener, we have courses for you at the Old Lands CSA walled garden. Please email Colum to book.

 Introduction to Organic Gardening

16 June 2018, 10am-4pm

(£60 including lunch of seasonal fresh local produce) 

Come and spend the day in the beautiful Old Lands walled garden and learn the basics of organic gardening. Colum Pawson, who has 14 years of experience growing vegetables and fruit organically will lead a tour of the garden and outline the basics of growing food organically.

Topics discussed will include seed sowing, weeding, compost making, successional sowing, pest and disease control and rotating crops. Price includes drinks, morning snack and lunch of seasonal produce. Please do get in touch if you would like more information.

No-Dig Gardening

7 July 2018

(£60 including lunch of seasonal fresh local produce)

With 14 years of gardening experience, Colum Pawson has decided to run the walled garden at Old Lands using no-dig methods. He will demonstrate the basics of no-dig gardening using the walled garden to outline how no-dig gardening works in practice.

The aim for the course is for you to leave with enough confidence to start to apply the no-dig principles in your own garden. Price includes drinks, morning snack and lunch of seasonal produce.

Seed Saving

8 September 2018

(£50 with lunch as above)

Many gardeners find that saving their own seeds is a valuable skill to use in their own gardens. While it can save money, seeds saved will often germinate more easily and will grow into much stronger and healthier plants than seeds produced commercially. If seeds are saved over several seasons gardeners can also begin to breed plants that are especially suited to their own garden situation.

Colum Pawson will explain the underlying principles of seed saving and course participants will have a chance to carry out some seed saving techniques during the day. The aim is for you to leave with enough confidence to try saving your own seed in your own gardens.

Once-monthly courses – The Gardeners’ Year

April-October 2018

£15 per session or £90 for the course.

7 weekday evening sessions over 7 months outlining and demonstrating all aspects of organic gardening, with each session containing an emphasis on what is happening in the garden at the particular time of year.

Topics covered include seed sowing, planting out, weeding, pest control, harvesting, seed saving, rotation of crops and compost making.