Aerobic Microbial Compost in grower's hands

How to make Aerobic Microbial Rich Biodynamic Compost 

By the Land Gardeners

At Old Lands, Dingestow Court, Monmouthshire NP25 4DY

Tuesday 27th June, 10.30am-3pm

The day will commence with tea and a talk on compost making in the historic hall at Dingestow Court. A hearty, homemade lunch, served in the archway under the clock-tower will be followed by a practical compost-making demonstration, and  a tour of the walled garden. Tea and cake will finish the day.

The Course

We will talk about why our soils are so degraded and how we can make the best microbially active compost to enrich the soil and grow nutrient dense food. 

We will learn the basics of a Controlled Aerobic  Composting process: the slide lecture will provide a fundamental understanding of why it is absolutely essential to create aerobic compost and the prerequisites to do so successfully.

We will discuss compost teas, how to produce compost tea properly and how to apply it, in order to gain the greatest benefits.

The afternoon will focus on practical compost work to enable us to create high quality compost efficiently at home and how to make and apply compost teas.

Cost £25

All proceeds will go the Community Supported Agriculture scheme in the walled garden. 

Morning tea and a delicious organic lunch & cake is included.