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Old Lands walled garden and orchard supports a Community Supported Agriculture scheme, offering members the opportunity to collect a box of organically grown freshly-picked seasonal fruit and vegetables each week. Members undertake to support the livelihood of the grower and the sustainability of the garden through commitment to a weekly standing order throughout the year. A member’s weekly box will fluctuate with the seasons and with the variations in weather. Thus both member and grower share the risks and benefits of a growing season and the project has a reliable fixed income.

It is also possible to join the project as a supporting member without receiving a weekly share of the harvest, and receiving the newsletter, information about courses and new developments in the garden, and invitations to seasonal social events.

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Please tick which membership option you would like to sign up for:

1 years Old-Lands CSA membership with veg share1 years Old-Lands CSA membership without veg share4 weeks trial veg share

Types & prices of membership

1 years Old Lands CSA membership with veg share

Full membership with weekly standing order to receive a weekly share
of the harvest 
£12.50 / or £7.50 for half share

1 years Old Lands CSA membership without veg share

Membership to support the scheme, receive the newsletter and attend
social events and volunteer days without receiving a weekly share of the
£2 per month

4 weeks trial veg share


Mailing list

If you would just like to find out more you can subscribe to the Old Lands
CSA mailing list and receive weekly/monthly with updates on the
CSA scheme, harvest news and social events.

In addition to receiving the boxes, members can volunteer in the garden and orchard, and receive discounts on growing courses run in the garden, as well as meet other members at seasonal social events.