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Colum Pawson has set up, and runs, a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) scheme in the walled garden and orchard at Old-Lands. The scheme’s members pay a monthly subscription and in return receive a weekly share of the produce from the garden. This provides the members a good selection of seasonal vegetables and fruit throughout the year. A member’s share will fluctuate with the seasons and with the variations in weather. Thus both member and grower share the risks and benefits of a growing season and the project has a reliable fixed income.

There are regular social events during the year for those who like more involvement, and monthly volunteer days where members can meet each other, and learn a little more about the garden and growing.

The garden is run organically, without the use of pesticides or fertilisers, and as a wildlife-friendly garden, will support the biodiversity of the Old-Lands estate.

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1 years Old-Lands CSA membership with veg share1 years Old-Lands CSA membership without veg share4 weeks trial veg share

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Types & prices of membership

1 years Old Lands CSA membership with veg share

Full membership with weekly standing order to receive a weekly share
of the harvest 
£12.50 / or £7.50 for half share

1 years Old Lands CSA membership without veg share

Membership to support the scheme, receive the newsletter and attend
social events and volunteer days without receiving a weekly share of the
£2 per month

4 weeks trial veg share


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CSA scheme, harvest news and social events.