eat what we grow

Cherry Taylor & Penny Redman have run the walled garden here together since March 2108. The garden was returned to organic vegetable production using the no dig method by Colum Pawson in 2015. The fruit and vegetables are sold in the on-site micro farm shop. Holiday makers are free to wander about the garden, but no nibbling please! Without the use of pesticides or fertilisers, and as a wildlife-friendly garden, it supports the biodiversity of the Old-Lands estate.

Penny studied Horticulture at Askham Bryan College in York rather a long time ago. She has worked for The National Trust at Nunnington Hall and Sutton Place, followed by a year working for the Royal Horticultural Society at Wisley . She spent 4.5 years in the USA and Brazil living in an international communities with children with learning disabilities. Returning to England, Penny continued in the same vein, living with her family in a Camp Hill community in rural Gloucestershire. Penny divides her time between the garden and  working at a  private health and well-being clinic specialising in addictions. Penny does also like to use Biodynamic preparations in the garden.

3 years ago, Cherry retired as a professional market researcher after almost 20 years of serving  the some of the biggest blue chip companies. Before all that, she spent a lot of time travelling whilst studying underwater volcanoes as part of her PhD.  More recently, she created a new garden from scratch using Charles Dowding’s nodig methods, and at the same time had been volunteering at Old Lands. Cherry’s own garden is also used as a teaching platform for No Dig courses run here and it is featured on Mr Dowding’s website. She also is 1 of 6 moderators of the nodig Facebook group, “Undug”, which has over 13,000 no dig enthusiasts from across the world, all interested to learn about Charles Dowding’s techniques.  

Details of our courses on growing are here.